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    At Chaitanya Raj, we heal mind and body through Hypnotherapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression, Ego State Therapy, various Behavior Modification Psychotherapies ), Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

    -by Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Sharma (Retd)

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    Most of the physical problems have underlying mental causes, and very few people understand the need for psychological or hypnotherapeutic help. Hypnotherapy sounds mysterious to people with little or no knowledge of it. The results achieved in treating some problems are astonishing and unbelievable.

     I am encouraged to share a case of a 26 year old married woman Ms Tina ( real name changed) who was medically fit, yet unable to become intimate with her husband even after two years of marriage. In psychological and medical term it is called ‘SEXUAL AVERSION DISORDER’ (SAD).

    She confided that although she loved her husband but was unable to become physically intimate with him.  Her inability to bring marital bliss to her husband was causing frustration, anxiety, stress and lack of self confidence.

    With this as background I started the hypnotherapy sessions. During session while in trance, she regressed to an incident in her college first year, in which her erstwhile boyfriend slapped her in front of other college students over some trivial issue.  She was asked to narrate her feeling during this incident.  She whispered “I feel insulted, guilty and intimidated”.

    It was easy to understand that this past incident was one of causes for her present day problems. Her subconscious mind was accessed and made to understand that forgiveness is the virtue of powerful. This could have happened to anyone and therefore she should forgive her erstwhile boy friend for his behavior and herself also, for getting into a relationship with this boy. After coming out of trance she said that she was feeling very light as if some burden was taken off from her chest and shoulders. This was just the beginning of a breakthrough.

    The reason I have named this case INNOCENT DEVIL and how her life changed will continue in my next blog. Till then be safe…

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    • r k nehra says:

      Dear Rajesh

      I always knows your extra ordinary power of healing aggrieved distrub soldiers while u were performing duties of administration officer in most demanding area ie. Kashmir valley. I m so happy that you have taken your this wonderful skill to benefit many more ppl. I wish you all the best in your endeavours to make more and more ppl happy.

      With regards
      Rajkumar Nehra

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