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    At Chaitanya Raj, we heal mind and body through Hypnotherapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression, Ego State Therapy, various Behavior Modification Psychotherapies ), Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

    -by Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Sharma (Retd)

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    Quantum Therapy

    Quantum therapy, also known as quantum healing, propounds that you can heal your body and mind, by shifting energy at a quantum or a sub-atomic level. This form of therapy believes that the human body is capable of self-healing or using its own energy to heal the body and mind of ailments.

    Quantum therapy is known to be benefical to patients who have stress or anxiety or are suffering from some painful ailment like a nagging pain in the knee or ankle. It is based on the premise that we all have energy in our bodies that can be shifted to the afflicted body part in order to alleviate pain or stress.


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