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    At Chaitanya Raj, we heal mind and body through Hypnotherapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression, Ego State Therapy, various Behavior Modification Psychotherapies ), Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

    -by Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Sharma (Retd)

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    Age Regression

    Age Regression

    Age Regression

    Traumatic or painful experiences of early childhood can act as a seed for the development of emotional or physical problems at a later age. Often, these memories have been suppressed and so our conscious mind is unable to recollect them without aid. Using hypnosis, we identify those long-forgotten events that occurred during childhood which are the reasons behind these problems generalized. Insight is generated during hypnotherapy sessions towards the resolution of the conflict between conscious and subconscious. These conflicts are also known as Initial Sensitizing events (ISE).

    Whether you are seeking treatment for phobias, depression, intimacy issues or any other concerns, you can see improvement in your state of mind, through this process of age regression.

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