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    Anxiety strikes in many forms. It can be anxiety in students due to upcoming exams, social anxiety or performance anxiety before an important presentation.

    High levels of anxiety can be debilitating. It can cause heart palpitations, breathlessness, the person can be at a loss for words inspite of being well prepared. Such cases can be helped to a large extent by various techniques of psychotherapy.

    What is anxiety? What are the symptoms of anxiety? Does it go away on its own? How does hypnotherapy work? Can it be cured? Can hypnotherapy help in such cases? 

    Anxiety often strikes silently and in unexpected places. A seemingly successful person can develop performance anxiety before a big presentation. An extroverted person, who loves to go out and socialise, can suddenly develop anxiety and depression. Recently, a famous film star, who seems to have everything-fame, money, love- publicly admitted that she has been battling with anxiety and depression for many years.

    Can anxiety affect young people? Yes. Even though young people have active social lives and seem to have no worries, no responsibilities, they too can be affected by anxiety. It may be anxiety about an upcoming exam, about the college crush who ignores them, about their looks, their acceptance in their peer group, their future. Fights at home, divorce, separation, loss of a loved one, all of these life events can also severely affect youngsters.

    How to spot if a person has anxiety? Anxiety shows up as being silent, irritable or becoming introverted. Anxiety affects sleeping patterns and the person affected may sleep excessively or not sleep at all. The patient may over eat or avoid food altogether. An anxious person stops doing things he/ she enjoys and withdraws from social interaction. A good student with performance anxiety may suddenly drop out of college. A high-performing executive may experience performance anxiety before a big presentation.

    Anxiety also has physical symptoms. The person experiences palpitations, sweating, the hands and feet feel clammy, the heart races.

    Can anxiety be cured? Can hypnotherapy help in such a case? Hypnosis can be used to treat anxiety and depression, without the use of any drugs or medicines. Using the visualisation technique, when under a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind can be made accessible and more receptive to suggestions for positive ways of thinking and perception which otherwise are countered by conscious mind. Over a few sessions, cognitive restructuring takes place and the sub-conscious feels reassured and regains self-confidence. Patients are taught to do Self-Hypnosis and Ego Enhancement, using Positive Reinforcement and Affirmations, which helps him to maintain his self-esteem. They learn Self-relaxation techniques that relieve anxiety and help them focus on their goals.

    How to handle such a person? If you can see any of the above symptoms in anyone close to you, please do not wait. There is no time to waste as such a patient is craving for help but is ashamed to admit that he/ she needs help. Hypnosis can help patients with anxiety and depression. There are good hypnotherapists that offer performance anxiety therapy. Find the best hypnotherapist near you. 

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