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    At Chaitanya Raj, we heal mind and body through Hypnotherapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression, Ego State Therapy, various Behavior Modification Psychotherapies ), Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

    -by Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Sharma (Retd)

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    Ego State Therapy

    Ego State Therapy

    Ego State Therapy

    All of us have overwhelming experiences in our lives and sometimes we are not able to fully understand or make sense of the experiences. Later when we think about them, we feel we are stuck in that moment and find it hard to come to terms with the experience. A part of us never moves on -that part is an ego state. Most of the time, these elements are seen in individuals who have experienced neglect or abuse during childhood or adolescence. These people find it hard to carry out functions of solving life’s problems, overcoming obstacles, absorbing pain, and to a great extent, all the demands of day to day living. Ego state therapy helps you to understand yourself on a deep level, to reduce internal conflict among their parts to establish harmony. 

    Hypnotically, the ‘covert ego’ state is activated and made accessible for contact and communication with the therapist. Once this is done, exploratory techniques are adopted to heal your problems to make behavioral or cognitive changes.

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