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    At Chaitanya Raj, we heal mind and body through Hypnotherapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, Age Regression, Ego State Therapy, various Behavior Modification Psychotherapies ), Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

    -by Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Sharma (Retd)

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    Anger management classes in Navi Mumbai

    “I am so angry I feel my head will burst!”

    SITUATION: Prabhat, a sales manager at an automobile firm, was sent to me by his boss after he lost his temper and flung a paperweight at a new client. He sat moodily in my office while I observed him. After a while, he started talking. “I hate my life. My wife left me, my son avoids me and my boss wants to fire me. I know, it is difficult living with me. But when I get angry, I can’t think straight. I just want to punch a hole in the wall!”

    What had happened to make this gentleman so angry? I decided to wait for him to calm down and start talking. As it turns out, his wife had suspected him of having an extra-marital affair and this led to their divorce. Now living with his son, his frequent outbursts of anger kept him from having a stable family life and career. He implored me to help him resolve his anger issues.

    I recommended Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy as treatment and clarified how it works without the use of any drugs or medicines. He agreed.

    The Therapy
    I induced trance in Prabhat. Soon, he was calm and relaxed and went into a deep state of trance.

    During deep trance, we were able to revisit Prabhat’s past life using Past Life Regression Techniques. Prabhat saw himself as a young handsome Sikh youth named ‘Zorawar’, completely opposite to his plain present-day appearance.

    He saw that Zorawar was in love with a girl of another community and wanted to marry her. But because his family was against this union, he was forced to leave this girl and marry another girl as per his family’s wishes. His jilted lover cursed Zorawar that because he had abandoned her, he would never have a happy marriage. The girl was the same woman who was his wife in his present life, who did not love him and fought with him over trivial matters. I asked him to seek her forgiveness for not marrying her in that life time. I also gave him a suggestion that the curse was over and done away with as his wife had already divorced him.  After he confirmed that he was forgiven by her, we ended the trance.

    On waking up from the trance, Prabhat reported that he felt as if a great weight had been taken off his shoulders.

    In subsequent sessions, Prabhat was taught Self-Relaxation techniques. As he had found the reason behind his unprovoked anger which had risen from the guilt he had been carrying subconsciously, he was now at peace with himself.
    Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are very effective in  resolving anger issues. When under a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind can be made accessible and more receptive to suggestions for positive ways of thinking and perception which otherwise are countered by conscious mind. Over a few sessions, cognitive restructuring takes place and the sub-conscious feels reassured and regains self-confidence.

    Ever since Prabhat’s hypnotherapy sessions, he appears visibly relaxed now. His angry outbursts have reduced greatly and he is now focused on his career and on providing a stable upbringing to his son.


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